Who we are

The Festival of Literature of All Religions is organized by F.F.M. Onlus, an association of people who dedicate, today as yesterday, excerpts of life to interfaith dialogue. Inside it we find journalists, scholars, religious representants and people of culture and entertainment or simply "men of good will."

Everybody's experience is to see the distances still existing between the various confessions combined with the awareness that the lack of dialogue is the main cause for mutual distrust.
Each one of us with his own experience, his own ideals and his own research, is associated with the intention to share the religious experience with others, so that this contact might bring to the widest opening.
The same as desired by Pope Francis.

Fiorella Marino

At the helm is the journalist Fiorella Marino, secularly educated but meeting faith right in the middle of the journey of her life.

Brian Norsa

Art director and interfaith responsible is Brian Norsa, author - among others - of the documentary film "Sarajevo, the children of Abraham," always engaged in the dialogue between culture and religion.

Supporting interreligious commetee

Rav Elia Enrico Richetti

Rabbi of the Synagogue of via Eupili in Milan, for many years chief rabbi in Venice and Trieste, is the current president of the "Italian Rabbinical Council".

Pastor Letizia Tomassone

Pastor of the Waldensian Church, former vice president of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy.

Mons. Pier Francesco Fumagalli

Ordinary Doctor and Vice Prefect at the Ambrosiana Library, director of the Class of Studies on Far East.

Shaykh 'Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini

Founder and President of CO.RE.IS. (Islamic Religious Community) Italy.

Press Office

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Fiorella Marino

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