Sponsoring Sublimar means helping someone in a way, because everything that is authentically spiritual is on a spiritual path.
At Sublimar there are five areas, which include the same number of groups of people to help in their path:
- Internationally renowned religious personalities / Nobel Prizes: a conference held by one of them in Milan will cost from15 to 30,000 €
- Publishers specialized in our activity, now on their knees because of the crisis, like all of the printed paper. Bringing one to the Festival can cost around € 3-5000
- The Festival that has to become known to the pubblic. Good media partners can give a service that from the value of approximately € 10,000 can become incalculable.
- The Festival has a material side, made of iron and bolts. So we require fitters, electricians and technicians, cameras, projectors, computers, monitors.
- Art around the Festival: our intention is to realize a synesthetic kind of work of art, in order to promote art and spirituality with less than € 10,000

Who is sponsoring Sublimar?
Companies or foundations that have a strong spiritual or simply ethical connotations: from Christmas cakes to organic foods, from bag manufacturers (travel is always awareness of the other) to producers of phones or computers, in short any organizations working for dialogue, coexistence, mutual understanding or peace in the world.
Sponsoring Sublimar means helping a major project at the moment of its very birth, when it is still unknown and is developing from the shadows. It means to be part of its history, destined to become the story of us all. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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