Volunteers are sprouting like mushrooms when a disaster occurs, like a flood or a earthquake, or when there is an event of particular importance, such as a marathon.
This time we need of volunteers to support an idea that seems good and maybe it really is, which seems to meet success and continuity, as we hope. But for now it's only an idea that manifested itself out of the infinite and must be enshrined.
Here it is, some volunteers are the bricks necessary to make the building, other volunteers are the cement to bind them together ...
It's a matter of facts that a building does not build itself all alone but needs, as well as materials and skills, also attention, time, heart and enthusiasm.
In an event like this volunteers are indispensable and irreplaceable. They have to check, give information, advertise, sometimes accompany and always be vigilant.
Basically you can not do anything without volunteers.

Become a volunteer. Be the protagonist of a great adventure that goes towards peace. You will give your contribution, for what your possibilities are, to create a global event, about which everybody will speak and take care, from people to media.
You will meet important and unforgettable personalities. You can listen to speeches that will expand your consciousness and will open up new ways.
Your heart will beat stronger.
Because a festival of the literature of all religions has never been done before and will attract global attention. And then you can say I was there, I have done my part.
With a sense of satisfaction and pride. A memory for ever, among the most significant.