It's true: the religious wars of the past no longer exist, but they are not finished yet bloody clashes between different creeds.
This festival of religious literature builds a bridge between man and what necessarily exceeds him.
A bridge of peace that becomes one of the few means existing today able to tempt to communicate the incommunicable.
In other words, if another faith in some respects is hopelessly other, nevertheless it is similar in the common pursuit of elevation and sublimation of the soul. Unique event in Milan, place of the Center, as the Celts called it, then for its central geographical position and now with the even greater meaning of inner spiritual center. Because every spirituality means an orientation to a Center, physical (Jerusalem, Mecca) or metaphysical, then interior.
Here are the link, the reason, the ingredients and purposes of Sublimar, the first International Festival of Religious Literature. From June 20 to 23, 2014, in the charming cloisters of the Società Umanitaria will find place the booths of the major international publishers in the industry.
These belong to all the great spiritual currents present today: Christianity in its various forms (Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical), Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and smaller groups as long as really spiritually oriented.
Each operator will introduce its editorial proposal by apposite conferences, which will take turns in interfaith discussions on certain issues.
The subject of this first edition is coexistence.
Not exactly peace... because it is possible to discuss and also animatedly on various issues not only theological, but always with the utmost respect and in a perspective of mutual coexistence.
Consult the cultural activities program, we call Ierophasica because it is about the words that man writes about what is sacred.
The next edition's subject, in conjunction with the Expo 2015, will be the nourishment.

The Festival will take place from June 20 to 23, 2014 in Milan,
at the Società Umanitaria
via S. Barnaba, 38 ( ph. 02/ 5796831)

How to get there:
tram 16, 12, 23, 27
buses 60, 73, 84, 94
tube MM red and yellow line